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High-Content Screening Conference

27–29 June 2016
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Dresden, Germany

This Conference will gather researchers, academics and industry professionals working in High-Content Screening to explore the latest advances and emerging technologies in the field. Hot topics include novel organisms, novel markers, new essays, novel microscopy techniques, image analysis and statistics.


  • EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Benefit from the experience of 30+ outstanding research, academic and industry speakers.
  • LEARN. Take advantage of the courses flanking the conference to gain an understanding on how to use specific instruments and how to analyse data.
  • COLLABORATE. Find out who is currently at the forefront of High-Content Screening and with whom to collaborate.
  • STAY UPDATED. Learn all about the emerging technologies and the latest advances in High-Content Screening.
  • NETWORK. Become part of the global HCS community and have a network of peers with whom to evolve discussions.

Scientific Committee

Maria Montoya
Head of Cellomics Unit, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC), Spain

Thierry Dorval
HCS – Group Leader, Servier, Paris, France

Marc Bickle
Head HT-Technology Development Studio Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany


View the SLAS High Content Screening schedule & directory


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  • Exhibition space
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Gold (6 max)
  • Snapshot presentation (5/10 minutes during main conference)
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  • In addition to Silver Sponsor benefits
Platinum (2 max)
  • Sponsor of a networking evening (visibility)
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Tutorial (4 max)
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  • 2 full passes
Meet the Speakers sponsor
  • Exclusive sponsorship of the Meet the Speakers session: possibility to introduce, visibility and promotion
  • 2 full passes
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Poster Award: Best Poster / Best Student Poster (2 max) €500 each
Seat Drop (4 max) €300
Sponsored Run 4 – 5K run in Dresden €1,500


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