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Compound Management in Industry and Academia Conference #SLASCM16

12–13 April 2016
Wyndham Garden Hotel
Berlin, Germany

Effective management of compound collections is crucial to the success of the early discovery efforts of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Agri-Science industries. In addition, academic organizations are also establishing comprehensive compound management infrastructures to help realize their target validation and drug discovery goals.

The SLAS Conference on Compound Management in Industry and Academia will assemble key individuals who share the aims of providing their organizations the right compound at the right time and in the best possible quality, to allow the generation of meaningful screening, pharmacological, toxicological or ADME profiling data.

Who should attend?
This gathering will provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to compound management and lead discovery professionals, from bench scientists to senior leaders.


Get Top-Notch Education

  • Increase awareness of the cutting-edge science in compound quality and chemical library design.
  • Learn about the latest advances and challenges in technology – hardware and IT – and applications in liquid dispensing.
  • Have sight of future and emerging technologies, and understand how these could shape the direction of your discipline.

Access New Opportunities

  • Have knowledge of the latest peer-to-peer collaborations and contacts across pharma and academia for future collaboration opportunities.

Advance Your Career

  • Become part of the global compound management community and have a network of peers with whom to evolve discussions on topics of interest.

Programme Committee

  • Clive Green, Director, AstraZeneca, UK
  • Sheraz Gul, Head of Biology Department, Fraunhofer, Germany
  • Steven Van Helden, Business Development & Account Management, Pivot Park Screening Centre, NL
  • Dirk Winkler, VP Biophysics and Compound Management , Evotec, Germany
  • Jan Eikhoff, Head of Screening at LDC GmbH, Germany
  • Daniel Baeschlin, Director Compound Management, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Manuela Beil-Peter, Export Manager, CyBio Product Line at Analytik Jena, Germany

"The SLAS compound management conference in 2016 builds on the success of the inaugural event this year with an expanded agenda including more topics and case studies from leading industry professionals and academics; focusing on technology, process, science and collaborations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest innovations from technology vendors, breaking science and technology posters, and interact with peers from across the compound management community. Myself, and colleagues on the scientific organizing committee, look forward to joining you at this exciting event in Berlin."

Clive Green, Conference Chair
Director and Head of Sample Management, AstraZeneca



Drug discovery-focused scientists will be joined by specialists in Agri-Science and Biotechnology who will discuss the particular challenge of compound management in these areas.

  • A high-quality agenda will provide the opportunity to learn from scientific activities and case studies conducted by subject matter experts.
  • The informal sessions will facilitate the discussion of important developments in compound management practice with peers.
  • A top-notch poster session will showcase the latest developments in compound management and provide the winner with free registration to SLAS2017 in Washington, DC, USA.
  • New technologies will be presented by innovative companies working to advance the current state of the art in compound and sample management.

View the SLAS Compound Management in Industry and Academia Conference schedule & directory.


Call for Poster Abstracts

Contribute to the event and share your latest discoveries with the community of academic and industry professionals by submitting a poster abstract before Friday, 4 March.

How to submit a poster abstract

Posters can only be submitted via the official SLAS Poster Submission template and returned to the SLAS Europe Office at before the poster submission deadline Friday, 4 March.

Please kindly note, that poster abstracts that are not submitted on the SLAS Poster Submission official template will not be accepted.

Download the SLAS poster submission template

Posters will be presented during the Poster Viewing Tour and evaluated by the independent scientific committee onsite, where the winner will be selected and awarded. We would like to invite you to review the submission guidelines before submitting your poster.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!


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